European Union Legislation

On September 21st 2017 the EU will enact legislation banning the use of hexavalent chrome solutions to plate decorative components as outlined in Annex XIV. This is because trivalent chromium solutions are deemed a viable alternative. This will impact all finishers in Europe along with all who export finished goods into the EU using hexavalent chromium finishes.

Below is documentation that lends support and better understanding of the upcoming mandate and impact on manufacturing both within and outside the EU. For simplicity, portions of certain documents have been graphically highlighted for a targeted summary.

 ECHA Authorization Details and Sunset Date

 Abridged Version of EU Legislation

 EU Mandate Q&A

 Legal Summary Q&A

 Annex XIV Submitted Recommendations

 Legal Opinion Summary of SVHC

 Penalties Summary

 Official REACH Penalty Source

 Import Manufacturers “Only Representative” Requirement